Hello and welcome to The British Undergraduate Cardiovascular Association (BUCA)!


Currently in our fourth year, we are proud to be the beacon of undergraduate cardiovascular medicine in the UK. The British Cardiovascular Society (BCS) rewarded us in 2015 with an associate group status owing to our hard work in career promotion and education.


Our aims are:


To provide regular talks by speakers on topics relating to Cardiovascular Medicine, including careers and sub-specialities.


Provide courses including revision courses and sub-speciality courses, led by students and professionals on areas of the Medical Curriculum relating to Cardiovascular Medicine.


Provide opportunities to practice relevant clinical skills and OSCEs that form part of the Medical Curriculum.


Organise the annual national & international student conference to showcase the best research produced by medical students & new junior doctors within the UK.


To promote having a Cardiovascular Society at each Medical School.