Ramanish is a 5th year medical student at the University of Edinburgh. He only began to cultivate an interest in cardiothoracic surgery after assisting in the organisation of the BUCA 2017 conference and through his intercalation research exploring paediatric chest disease in relation to the nasopharyngeal microbiota. As a result, he has founded the Edinburgh University Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery (EUSCTS) with the intention of organising the Scottish Undergraduate Cardiothoracic conference in 2020. He has published and presented in multiple aspects of this field and has a particular interest in aortic surgery and cardiothoracic transplantation.

He also
maintains a side interest in major trauma and prehospital medicine, which he
does through the Army reserve, Prometheus Alphamed UK and research. As one of
the SCTS and CTSIG reps, he hopes that his role as BUCA Secretary will help him
promote and preserve the field of cardiothoracic surgery further and allow greater
accessibility throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Conference Co-ordinator

Cheng is a third year medical student at the University of Manchester. He has a strong interest in cardiology and oncology, and would be commencing on an intercalated degree in Cardiovascular Science in 2019. In 2018, he completed a research fellowship in the Chinese University of Hong Kong and have subsequently presented his work at a national conference. His main research interest includes myocardial infarct-related cytokine expression, cardiac arrhythmias and ablative treatments for atrial fibrillation.

Societies Officer

Skanda is a 5th year Medical student at Oxford. In Pre-clinical School, he developed an interest in Physiology and elected to undertake a BA in Cardiac, Respiratory and Renal Biology. The university awarded him an Association of Physicians Prize for his research into calcium signalling within the sinoatrial node and its implications for cardiac peacemaking. This research was later recognised at a national level upon winning a Physiological Society Rob Clarke Award. Skanda has since published research articles in Frontiers Immunology and the American Journal of Cardiology and has presented at both national and international conferences. In his role as Events, Reps & Societies Officer, he hopes to encourage collaboration between cardiovascular societies across the UK in order to better deliver BUCA’s central goals of education and research for undergraduates that share an interest in cardiovascular medicine.

Research Officer

I am a third-year student based in York, studying at Hull and York Medical School. Last year I intercalated a BSc in Cardiovascular Sciences at Imperial College London, achieving first-class honours. I am interested in all aspects of Cardiology, with a particular interest in research, clinical electrophysiology and the application of artificial intelligence techniques. I am currently involved in research projects relating to electrophysiology, machine learning, cardiomyopathy and cardiac MRI. I have presented our work internationally and have been published in a historical biography, textbook and academic journal.


Keith graduated from his BSc Biomedical Science with a first-class honours and a President Prize awarded by the Institute of Biomedical Science prior his medical study, which allowed him to obtain a high level of clinical and lab-based research skills via his previous placements. Currently, he is a clinical researcher in the cardiovascular physiology research team based in Hong Kong, and his research interest mainly focuses on arrhythmias, ion channelopathies, heart failure and valvular heart diseases. He has published several papers and presented his posters in national conferences as well. Besides his role in BUCA, Keith is also an ambassador of the NSAMR (National Student Association of Medical Research) and head of research in Aston Medical Society. By joining BUCA as a committee member, he wishes to promote cardiovascular medicine and recruit more junior medical students to explore the field of cardiology.